Here’s a short ‘Golden Look-Look Book’ titled “Darkwing Duck in The Darkest Night.” It builds up to the climax nicely, and it’s a pretty interesting story. But true to other abbreviated children’s stories, it ends pretty quickly and it doesn’t have any violence. Another thing that irritated me was the canon discrepancies. (I know. “Canon” is a bad word in the Darkwing verse, but really? Bulba is running FOWL? That doesn’t match the first episode “Darkly Dawns the Duck,” nor does if match “The Steerminator.”)

Now, if this had been written as a comic without the censorship, it could have been a great story: DW taking on a dozen impersonators and his greatest foe! Maybe it could be revised with Cyborg Bulba starting up his own organization of lackeys instead of using the FOWL acronym, and have a show-down between Bulba and DW with some aerial help from Launchpad.

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